Beautifully Broken by Bethany Bazile

Beautifully Broken By Bethany Bazile Chapter 1 Isabella Somebody stop the pounding please! I squint my eyes in an attempt to open them, the sunlight gleaming in from the window is blinds me, the pounding increases. I try to lift my head but it feels so heavy. With that small movement of my head I realize the pounding is actually in my head. The throbbing that feels like a jackhammer is actually in my skull. I manage to open my eyes and realize I’m not in my room and someone’s arm is wrapped around my midsection. I glance down at the big muscular arm and thick fingers splayed over my navel. Yup, I’m definitely naked. I slowly look over my shoulder and freeze. My God he’s gorgeous. His dark wavy hair is tussled, body all corded muscles. On his left arm he has a tattoo that starts at his shoulder then wraps around his bicep. The crisp white sheet drapes around his lower abdomen and I’m tempted to run my finger down his solid abs, follow that thin line of hair that leads down under the sheets. No I can’t do that. I sigh as my head drops back to the pillow. I need an escape plan-quickly. I promised myse
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