Beware of Bad Boy by April Brookshire

CHAPTER ONE “Even when I see a beautiful woman, I think, ‘Aw her life must be amazing.’ Everyone does it. That’s human nature to believe that beauty is everything.” -Marina and the Diamonds GIANNA “Gianna, you like Scott. He’s been good to you and Chance. Why do you have such a problem with his son coming to live with us?” With her face is a mixture of motherly exasperation and bewilderment, my mom stood, hands on hips, waiting for an explanation. Before replying, I peeked out the kitchen window to see my stepdad still out back with my little brother. “Mom, I do like Scott, he’s a nice guy. I just don’t understand why his son has to move in. Can’t he just send him to military school or something? Isn’t that what parents are supposed to do with delinquent sons? We’ve never even met the guy and we're supposed to occupy the same house as him. You may as well invite some stranger off the street into our home!” Okay, I realized that was an exaggeration, but I couldn’t help it. Scott was easy to accept because my mom loved him and he’d alway
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