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“Let go!” Rachel demanded, trying to free herself from Ben’s punishing grip around her upper arm. “I told you to stop,” he shouted as his fingers dug tight into her tender flesh. That’s going to leave a mark, she thought with a grimace. Spinning around to face him, Rachel glared up into her boyfriend’s irate eyes. “And I told you not to touch me when you’re angry.” Ben hauled her in close, and Rachel knew whatever was about to happen wouldn’t be good. Twenty minutes earlier, he’d come home in a foul mood. That usually equaled a painful evening in the bedroom for her but not tonight. Tonight, she was done. “I’ll touch you whenever I want to touch you. You got that?” he sneered down at her. Rachel narrowed her eyes and yanked on her arm again. Instead of letting go, he reached up, gripped the other one, and pushed her back against the living room wall. She hit it so hard that her teeth clattered, and she could have sworn the bookcase beside her shook. “You’re mine, remember? You do what I say.” Staring up at him, Rachel knew she was risking hi
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