Josh and Hannah by Lynda Chance

Part One Chapter One Redwood Falls, Texas Josh Turner leaned against the back fence under the school bleachers and watched all the movement around him. He knew that to the casual observer he appeared exceedingly bored, which was exactly the attitude he attempted to convey. And it was partially true. The Friday night high school football game was the most excitement he could find in this godforsaken town, and he knew he should've been relaxed as he hung out by the back fence and observed the crowd milling around the concession stand. But he wasn't relaxed; he was on edge. He was always on edge, and he knew the reason that he couldn't relax was because he had trust issues. He had trust issues with the entire human race. Hell, it was hard not to when he'd been physically and mentally abused for the first thirteen years of his life by his father, the one person who should have protected him at all costs. As he leaned against the fence, Josh waited for the game to be over so he could meet up with Ty and Ethan. His buddies were on the football team and Josh knew they expected him to be around when the game ended so they could all hang out t
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