Naughty Little Secret by Shelley Bradley

Naughty Little Secret Shelley Bradley Chapter One “Lauren?” His voice haunted her… So deep it vibrated inside her, heating her libido up faster than anything requiring batteries. Low and controlled, like he was murmuring to a lover, making sure she knew everything he planned to do to her body. She could hear him now in her head. I’m going to strip you down to your skin, sugar, and kiss you until you can’t remember taking a breath you don’t share with me. Then I’m going to test just how wet you are. With my tongue. Before I spend the night inside you, making you scream my name… “Lauren?” Oh, his voice… The man could make her wet with a simple hello. His killer voice had a hint of gruffness that suggested he was coming off an all-nighter of sweaty, amazing sex. Then again, maybe he was…with his endless string of twenty-something Barbie dolls. “Lauren?” She blinked, coming back to his cluttered office and her hour-old coffee. The recurring fantasies of Noah Reeves had to stop. She wasn’t his type—at all. At thirty-six, Lauren had given up on
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