Rock Me by Cherrie Lynn

Dedication To my own bad boy hero and our awesome offspring. You guys rock! Special thanks to the Romance Divas for all the support during JulNoWriMo. Chapter One It was only a tattoo. A cute, colorful little design that would be on her skin, oh, forever, and no one would see it unless she wanted them to. Yet Candace Andrews sat in her car staring up at the neon sign of the tattoo parlor as if it were some harbinger of doom. It’s not that big a deal, she told herself. Everyone I know has at least one. “I think you’re insane.” Well, almost everyone. Candace’s best friend sat beside her, her features washed in the orangey hues of early twilight. Even that didn’t soften Macy’s disdainful expression. “Why?” “You’ve absolutely gone mental.” Candace waved her to silence and popped open her car door. Macy’s anxiety always seemed to give her a firmer sense of control. “You’re the one who said I need to celebrate.” “Yeah, celebrate, not take complete leave of your senses. Your parents will kill you. Hell, your parents will kill me.” “They won
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