Saving Dallas by Kim Jones

SAVING DALLAS By Kim Jones Chapter 1 Sitting alone in a bar, throwing back shots of Jack was not how I pictured my Saturday night. I had managed to wedge myself into a corner of the patio bar shielded by the drop door that led to the bartender's area. My intentions were to get drunk then make myself available to the first guy who could show me a good time with no strings attached. I was in a three-month slump and was ready to come out of hiding. My ego had recently been crushed by my previous boyfriend who, I thought was in love with me -- not that the feeling was mutual, but I thought it ensured his devotion to only me. He was perfect -- great body, good job, fast car – and he was a machine in the bedroom. Come to find out, I was not the only woman under his spell. Catching that skanky bitch from Arby's in his bed, wearing nothing but a smile informed me of everything I needed to know. I was replaceable. Being replaced by a five when you are nothing short of a ten can do some major damage to a girl like me. I'm used to getting what I want. Being five foot four with a body most people only dream of can get you a lot when it comes to men
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