The Prince's Bride (Effingtons #4) by Victoria Alexander

Even at the tender age of ten, Lady Jocelyn knew what she
wanted -- to be a princess. And since she wasn't born one, she knew she'd have to marry a prince to become one. Unfortunately, while there are plenty of princes in England early in the 19th
century (George III had a large family), none of them seem interested in marrying her. But Jocelyn thinks that is just as well, since she doesn't just want a king's son; she wants a young, handsome prince with his own country and a nice castle. Eight years later, it seems her dream might actually come true. Prince Alexei Frederick Berthold Ruprecht Pruzinsky of the Kingdom of Greater Avalonia, a handsome, charming, wealthy prince with a small but adequate principality (by this point, Jocelyn is willing to take on a castle in less than perfect condition), is in London for the Season, and he's clearly interested in Jocelyn. But Jocelyn soon finds her path to the throne has many obstacles, including intrigue, abduction, and the infuriating Viscount Beaumont, who has his own secret agenda and seems determined to keep Jocelyn from fulfilling her royal dreams...even if it means
marrying her himself.
The Prince's Bride is a fun, witty
adventure -- and, best of all, true love wins.
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