Viper's Run by Jamie Begley

Viper’s Run     (The Last Riders Vol. 2)   by Jamie Begley       Prologue   “Touchdown, and the Bulldogs pull ahead six to zero!”  A cheer went up from the crowd as the first half ended.  Winter and Emily braced themselves for the flood of customers that would take advantage of halftime to buy a snack. “Here we go,” Emily said as the fans began to arrive. “We might get lucky and set a record crowd tonight,” Winter said, hoping her words proved correct.  The money they earned in the concession stand would go towards buying a new scoreboard.  As principal of the high school, she was expected to be at home games, but typically as a spectator.  Tonight, she had volunteered to work the concession stand so one of the parent volunteers would be given an opportunity to watch their son play in the game.  Emily, her secretary, had also volunteered, but her reasons hadn’t been so altruistic.  Emily was determined to pursue the football coach.    They worked steadily until the game finally resumed, then the customers returned to being sporadic. &
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